CBMS ERP Multichannel Shopify Connector


Integrate Shopify marketplace with CBMS.
Configure you Shopify store with CBMS. Manage orders, products, etc at CBMS’s end. Shopify Connector Shopify Connector
Shopify integration
Shopify CBMS Bridge
Shopify Integration
Shopify integration
Connect Shopify
Connect Shopify
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CBMS Multichannel Shopify Connector

“Connecting Shopify Instances to CBMS!”


CBMS Multichannel Sale
is the base module which needs to be
installed first for the CBMS Shopify Connector to work properly.

Shopify is a SaaS based ecommerce platform which is ruling the market from last 15+ years.
Their growth can be measured by a Shopify report, it specifies revenues in the range of $1.545 billion to $1.555 billion for 2019.

However, to run an e-commerce efficiently you need to manage its data in an organized way.
Whether you talk about inventory management or accounting; CBMS offers you the best solutions for it.



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Both the platforms are irreplaceable; as they offer strong e-commerce platforms as well as inventory management systems.

If you want to manage your data in CBMS for centralized solutions and still using Shopify to sell your products then you can make it possible with the help of CBMS Multichannel Shopify Connector.

You can also connect to multiple e-commerce and marketplaces to your single CBMS instance with the
help of
CBMS Multi-channel Sale.

Connect Your CBMS With Multiple Shopify Instances

Connect your CBMS with your multiple Shopify instances with the help of CBMS Multichannel Shopify Connector.

It helps you to connect multiple Shopify E-commerces with CBMS. Hence, you can manage data of all your Shopify E-commerces at one CBMS instance.

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Importing Catalogs in CBMS

You can import Data like Products, Collections and properties of Shopify products like attributes, as well as attribute values from Shopify to CBMS.

The module makes the Import process quick and easy. You can import data manually or via cron scheduler. The
data is stored in the form of feeds in CBMS and then automatically creates data on the basis of the

Mapping is created in the module to avoid duplicity of the data.



Exporting Catalogs in CBMS

CBMS Multichannel Shopify Connector has made the export process really convenient.

Now, you can export products along with its categories (Managed as Collection in Shopify) from CBMS to Shopify.
You can export products directly from the specific product form.



Importing Orders in CBMS

You can import Orders along with the data associated with it from Shopify to CBMS.
The import function is simplified with the help of module CBMS Multichannel Shopify Connector.

Orders statuses like cancel, fulfillment and invoice are automatically imported at the same time.

data like customers and their addresses, taxes, delivery methods, payment methods, currency and discount is also imported along with it.


Key Features

Below is the detailed list of features from CBMS MultiChannel Shopify Connector

Importing Products in CBMS

  • Products are manually imported in bulk
  • You can also import products via cron scheduler
  • Product details (like category, and properties like attributes, attribute values) are imported along with the products

Importing Collections in CBMS

  • You can manually import collections in CBMS
    Or, can also import it via cron scheduler

Importing Customers in CBMS

  • Customers are manually imported in bulk
  • You can also import customers via cron scheduler
  • Customer details (like addresses) are imported along with the Customers

Importing Orders in CBMS

  • Orders are manually imported in bulk
  • You can import orders via cron scheduler
  • Order details (like customers and their addresses, taxes, delivery methods, payment
    methods, currency) are imported along with the orders
  • Order statuses (like cancel, fulfillment (shipment in CBMS) and invoice) are also imported along with the orders

Manually Export Products and Categories from CBMS

  • You can export products and categories in bulk
    Or, export selected products and categories

Enhanced Dynamic Dashboard

  • Introduced a dynamic dashboard to track the data of Shopify to your CBMS.
  • Import/Export the data of any channel directly from the dashboard.
  • Well-designed Donut Chart and Line Graph to analyze the data.
  • The dashboard also offers Clickable tabs and data cards.

Managing Synchronization History

  • All the synchronization history is managed in CBMS

Donut Chart to Analyze the data

  • Drop down to Select the Data Type (Order and Product)
  • Track the data of connected Shopify

Line Graph to Analyze the data

  • Drop down to Select the Data Type (Order, Product, Category and Customer)
  • Track the data the Line Graph

Clickable Data Cards for the Details

  • View the imported Product, Category, Order and Customers in the Tabs
  • The tabs are clickable and direct you to the respective mapping, feeds as well as
    sync history.

Instance Specific Configurations

Configure the instances




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