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CBMS Woocommerce Connector helps you automate your vital business processes at CBMS by enabling bi-directional data exchange between WooCommerce & CBMS.Apart from CBMS Woocommerce Connector, we do have other ecommerce solutions or applications such as Magento connector , Shopify connector , and also we have solutions for Marketplace Integration such as CBMS Amazon connector , CBMS eBay Connector , CBMS Walmart Connector , CBMS Bol.com Connector.Aside from ecommerce integration and ecommerce marketplace integration, we also provide solutions for various operations, such as shipping , logistics , shipping labels , and shipping carrier management with our shipping integration , known as the Shipstation connector.For the customers who are into Dropship business, we do provide EDI Integration that can help them manage their Dropshipping business with our Dropshipping integration or Dropshipper integration It is listed as Dropshipping EDI integration and Dropshipper EDI integration.Emipro applications can be searched with different keywords like Amazon integration , Shopify integration , Woocommerce integration, Magento integration , Amazon vendor center module , Amazon seller center module , Inter company transfer , Ebay integration , Bol.com integration , inventory management , warehouse transfer module , dropship and dropshipper integration and other CBMS integration application or module

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CBMS WooCommerce Connector

WooCommerce is a free
eCommerce plugin provided by WordPress that allows you to create an online store and sell anything
conveniently. If you use CBMS to manage your backend operations along with having a WooCommerce store,
CBMS WooCommerce Integration becomes absolutely vital for you. CBMS WooCommerce Connector will help you
integrate and manage your WooCommerce store in CBMS. Perform various operations like Importing Orders
and Customer Data, Updating Inventory, Updating Order Status, Importing & Exporting Products, Product
Categories, Product tags and much more.Automate various vital tasks like Order Import, Order Status
Update & Stock Update to ease your work.






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Multiple Stores

Integrate multiple WooCommerce stores with a single CBMS database.

Customer Data

Import customer details from WooCommerce to CBMS.


Import orders from WooCommerce to CBMS & Update order status from CBMS to WooCommerce.


Import and Export Products & Product Details between CBMS and WooCommerce.

Manage Stock

Synchronize product stock levels between CBMS and WooCommerce in a bi-directional way.

Set Automatic

Avoid manual operations by automating various daily operations between CBMS & WooCommerce.

Product Synchronization

Order Management

Manage Refunds

Automatic Jobs

WooCommerce Instance

WooCommerce Instance

the Sale Auto Workflow

Set the
Payment Gateways

Detailed information of Financial Status

Perform WooCommerce Operations from Dashboard

Various WooCommerce Product Operations

Product Details configuration in WooCommerce

Product Images management

Manage Shipping Methods & Payment Gateways

WooCommerce Sale Order

Cancel Sale Order in WooCommerce

Refunds in WooCommerce

Configure Scheduled Actions for Order & Stock

Webhooks Configuration

WooCommerce Operations

Default Products Management

Mismatch Logs

User Guide

Read User Guide


Watch Video Tutorial

Create a
Support Ticket

If you face
any issues while using our app and the issue is arising due to
our app, we provide you complementary support for a duration of
90 days from the date of purchase of the respective app.

create a
support ticket, please register on Emipro Support Desk and
provide us necessary information to help you resolve the

Emipro Support Desk


Support Policy


Yes, the app works perfectly well with CBMS Enterprise (On-premise and
CBMS.SH) as well as Community. CBMS Online (Cloud) does not allow
installation of third-party apps and hence this app cannot be installed
on CBMS Online.

You can contact

to request a customization in the app.

The CBMS WooCommerce Connector lets connect as many WooCommerce stores
as you want with a single CBMS Instance.

This app – CBMS WooCommerce Connector v13 supports all versions of
WooCommerce above 3.5.

Yes, you can export Products from CBMS to WooCommerce as well as import
Products from WooCommerce to CBMS. If the products are already present
on CBMS as well as WooCommerce, you can establish a synchronization
between them using the connector

If you purchase our app for CBMS Version 12 and prior, we will provide
you access to all the versions up to 12 depending on their availability.
Starting version 13, every version of the app will be sold

We offer free support for a duration of 90 days from the date of
Kindly read our

to know the details.

The connector synchronizes products by matching the Internal Reference
field in CBMS with the SKU field in WooCommerce. It is mandatory to have
a unique SKU or Internal Reference for a product.

Please note that our CBMS WooCommerce Connector requires the XML-RPC to
be enabled on your WooCommerce store in order to perform the
export/update products images operation from CBMS to WooCommerce.

In a standard WooCommerce environment, the XML-RPC is enabled by
default. So, if you have manually disabled it, we advise you to enable
it again.

If your XML-RPC is enabled and you still get the error, it is because of
some restriction set on your WooCommerce server that restricts the
export/update operation. This is not an issue with our connector but
with your WooCommerce server and must be resolved by your WooCommerce

However, based on our experience, we advise you to read this technical
note (Link: https://bit.ly/owc-xmlrpc-tn) that can help
you rectify the issue.

The connector allows you to update price from CBMS to WooCommerce via a
pricelist. You can set up a pricelist per WooCommerce instance in CBMS
and update the price to WooCommerce via the pricelist. You also import
the prices from WooCommerce to CBMS, however, the prices will get
imported to the pricelist and not directly to the product.

The connector allows you to update stock from CBMS to WooCommerce either
manually or automatically via a cron job. Stock levels get automatically
adjusted in CBMS based on the imported orders. You can also import stock
levels from WooCommerce to CBMS. The imported stock values will create
an inventory adjustment entry in CBMS which upon validating will affect
the actual stock levels. In the connector settings, you can choose one
warehouse per WooCommerce Instance from which the stock is to be

Any order on WooCommerce can be imported to CBMS if the connector has
been configured correctly. Orders in WooCommerce have different order
statuses such as Processing, On hold, Completed & Pending Payment.
In the connector, you can choose one or more order statuses and import
orders only of your chosen statuses.

Yes. Webhook operations in WooCommerce apply to domain name only (for
eg., www.example.com). It will not work with any other format of URLs
like www.example.com:1234 or

No. Your Sales Order data once fetched – cannot be modified in your CBMS
via Webhooks. It only gets processed based on its status (Completed,
Refunded, Cancelled, etc.) at WooCommerce Store in CBMS.

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