CBMS ERP Ecuadorian Accounting



This module adds accounting features for Ecuadorian localization, which
represent the minimum requirements to operate a business in Ecuador in compliance
with local regulation bodies such as the ecuadorian tax authority -SRI- and the
Superintendency of Companies -Super Intendencia de Compañías-

Follow the next configuration steps:
1. Go to your company and configure your country as Ecuador
2. Install the invoicing or accounting module, everything will be handled automatically

* Ecuadorian chart of accounts will be automatically installed, based on example provided by Super Intendencia de Compañías
* List of taxes (including withholds) will also be installed, you can switch off the ones your company doesn’t use
* Fiscal position, document types, list of local banks, list of local states, etc, will also be installed

Master Data:
* Chart of Accounts, based on recomendation by Super Cías
* Ecuadorian Taxes, Tax Tags, and Tax Groups
* Ecuadorian Fiscal Positions
* Document types (there are about 41 purchase documents types in Ecuador)
* Identification types
* Ecuador banks
* Partners: Consumidor Final, SRI, IESS, and also basic VAT validation

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This is the base module to manage the accounting chart for Ecuador in Odoo.

Accounting chart and localization for Ecuador.


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