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CBMS Infobip SMS Gateway

CBMS Infobip SMS Gateway integrates Infobip SMS Gateway to CBMS. Hence, you can send SMS directly from CBMS to your partners’ mobile phone via Infobip SMS Gateway. It facilitates you to send SMS to your customers, suppliers or anyone.



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Infobip SMS Gateway to notify your customers in CBMS!

Reach out to your valuable clients, customers and partners through text messages and stay connected to them. The text messages Keep your customers updated with the required alerts.

Studies say that, “The fact is that 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent, with the average response time for a text being a mere 90 seconds.” Moreover, over 70% of the customers want to stay updated about the status of their orders from placement to delivery.

Now, you can Integrate Infobip SMS with CBMS so you can set up, implement, manage, and improve your SMS marketing strategy using CBMS. The module works in conjunction with Odo SMS Notification Module to enable single and Bulk SMS features for CBMS. Simple, One-Step integration to quickly set up the module. Reach out to your clients, partners, customers, etc. with SMS alerts and notifications.

Infobip SMS Gateway for endless benefits for customers’ ease

Infobip SMS and CBMS offer the perfect solution to your mobile marketing and customer engagement model. Integrate Infobip SMS with CBMS to use CBMS SMS Features.

Send Single and bulk SMS to the customers. Clients, partners, etc. from CBMS. You can send Automatic CBMS SMS alerts – order confirmation, order shipped, etc. It also facilitates you to send CBMS SMS Notifications for running discounts, upcoming sales, new arrivals, auspicious wishes, etc.

The module also allows you to send Customized SMS notification to each client separately to give a personal touch. Hence, you can easily use the SMS strategy to build a brand and connect with your customers.

Detailed Feature List

Below is the detailed list of features of CBMS Infobip SMS Gateway.

Integrate Infobip SMS With CBMS

  • Use Infobip credentials to quickly integrate Infobip SMS with CBMS.
  • Once done, you can send the SMS to people from CBMS.

Use Infobip To Send SMS In CBMS

  • Once integrated, use Infobip to send notifications to customers.
  • The expanse would depend upon the services opted from Infobip.

Create Multiple SMS Groups

  • Create SMS groups to send the message in bulk to people.
  • A single group can be selected to send the SMS.

Send Single Or Bulk Sms To Customers / Send SMS Individually Or In Bulk

  • Send a message to a single customer/vendor using the SMS form.
  • Or choose entire groups or multiple people to send the SMS.

Enable/Disable SMS Feature On User Basis

  • You can give access to CBMS SMS feature at the user level.
  • Only users with SMS feature enabled can send messages to people in CBMS.

Create Multiple SMS Templates In Advance

  • Create and Save SMS templates to use later while sending the SMS.

Set SMS Templates For Global Or On Conditions-Based Use

  • The templates can be set for use at – Global level or Condition-based.
  • Global SMS templates are available for all the CBMS SMS.
  • Condition-based are triggered for sending SMS only when the set condition is met.

Creating Conditions Based SMS Templates

  • Choose from different given conditions to set for the SMS template.
  • Set conditions such as; order confirmed, invoice validated, orders placed, etc.

Auto Send SMS To People

  • Assign conditions to automatically send SMS to customers from CBMS.
  • CBMS automatically picks the set SMS template once the condition is met in CBMS.
  • The SMS is then automatically sent to the specific customer(s).

Auto-Delete The Records

  • Enable Auto-delete Feature for CBMS SMS.
  • Auto-delete can be set at individual template level.
  • If enabled, sent SMS list and delivery status are not stored in CBMS for those SMS.

Manage Sent SMS History/Records

  • The records of all the sent CBMS SMS is maintained in CBMS.
  • The User can view the details of each sent SMS by opening the record.

View Delivery Status Of Sent SMS

  • The delivery status of the sent SMS is available in CBMS.
  • Check the delivery status for SMS as – sent, failed or delivered.

Create an SMS template

Send SMS to Recipients Via CBMS

Bulk Message to the Group

Select Multiple Members as Recipients

Select Recipient to send SMS

Sent SMS History

Configure and Install SMS Gateway

Enable/disable SMS Feature on User Basis

CBMS SMS Gateways

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