CBMS ERP Inter Company Transfer and Warehouse


Manages Inter Company and Inter Warehouse Transfer along with all required documents with easiest way by just simple configurations. # inter_company_transfer_v14

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Inter Company Transfer and Warehouse Transfer

The main purpose behind developing this app is to manage the product transfer between multiple companies and warehouses managed under the same roof. With an auto document generation facility, the transfer operations are handled effectively within companies or partners. With this app, you can now track your stock more effectively while fulfilling the demands.






Easy Interface to Exchange Stock

Superior user experience to carry out the exchange of stock between companies/warehouses.

Easy Interface to Return Stock

Return the stock to source companies/warehouses with the uncomplicated interface.

Automatic Documents Creation

Documents are automatically generated after each transfer in your CBMS as a part of the confirmation receipt.

Add Products faster

Scan Lot/Serial Number of product to rapidly add it in ICT lines for Inter-Company Transfer and Internal Transfer.

Control over pricing and invoicing

Take full command over managing prices & invoices for various types of transfers.

Automatic Workflow

A higher-level way to organize tasks by automating its operations & minimizing manual interventions.

Imaginary Flow of Inter Company Transfer

Imaginary Flow of Inter Warehouse Transfer

Set user rights

Basic ICT Configuration for Company

Configure Resupply Warehouse for ICT Transactions

Set your desired Auto Workflow settings

Set Fiscal Position for customers

Inter-Company Transfer records

Inter Company Transfer Order processed

Reverse the ICT Order

Reverse ICT Order processed

Inter Warehouse Transfer records

Inter Warehouse Transfer processed

Reverse Inter Warehouse Transfer

All Inter Warehouse Transfer records and status

Reverse Transfer records

Reverse Inter Warehouse Transfer records

Add products with Lot/Serial Number

Import/Export Product list

Create ICT Lines after scanning Lot/Serial Number

ICT Logs

User Guide

Read User Guide


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Support Policy


Yes, the app works perfectly well with CBMS Enterprise (On-premise and CBMS.SH) as well as Community. CBMS Online (Cloud) does not allow installation of third-party apps and hence this app cannot be installed on CBMS Online.

If you purchase our app for CBMS Version 12 and prior, we will provide you access to all the versions up to 12 depending on their availability. Starting version 13, every version of the app will be sold separately.

We offer free support for a duration of 90 days from the date of purchase.
Kindly read our
support policy
to know the details.

You can contact us to request a customization in the app.

Inter-Company Transaction is a movement of stock between two warehouses which belongs to different companies of the same owner. In these type of transactions, one company will create a Sales Order and another company will create a Purchase Order.

Inter-Warehouse Transaction is a movement of stock between two warehouses which belongs to the same company. In these type of transactions, only internal transfers between warehouses get created.

Yes, it is necessary of the ICT User to have single company access as all transactions will be carried out by the ICT user. If the ICT user has multi-company access, it will create issues and may not work as expected.

If you want to transfer stock between two warehouses of the same company with the help of transit location, routes must be there in the system and these routes will be managed by the system from the Resupply warehouses configurations.

Yes, it is necessary to have shared Products & Partners among multiple companies in order to carry out ICT operations.

Yes, the app allows you to configure automatic workflow for Inter-Company Transaction and Reverse Inter-Company Transaction.

No, it’s not possible. The app will create the relevant SO/PO for all Inter-Company Transactions. If you have a special scenario where you want to avoid this, you can request customization.

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