CBMS ERP Multi-DB Synchronization


Multi-DB Synchronization ‘==================
Base Synchro

* This module let you to synchronize more than 1 databases.

* There is menu called ‘Server to be synchronized’ it will help you to configure servers.

* ‘Synchronized objects’ will help you to select object which objects you want to syncronize in another database

* There is menu ‘Fields Not Sync’ you can use that to not synchronize any particular object.

* Trigger synchronization with its database objects

How to use it:

* Run Server in terminal load updated app list select Base Synchro module and installed it.
* Make sure to apply –db-filter=”db_name” in your path when running the server locally in the system.
* See menu called Server to be synchronized configure server and after configuration click on button Synchronize
* and check database is synchronized successfully.
* It will able to synchronize models such as users, contacts, partner category,sales order, sales order line, products,product pricelist, purchase order,purchase order line.

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Multi-DB Synchronization

This module will let you synchronize more than 1 CBMS Databases!

Note: Make sure to apply –db-filter=”db_name” when running the server locally in the system.

Configure Servers

Configure the Objects to Sync

You can set if you want to Upload/Download data or if you want to perform both
of then simultaneously.

Start the Sync

For better insights,
You will get a report once the Synchronization is complete.

Models that can be synchronized

Users, Contacts, Partner Category, Product, Product Pricelist, Sales Order, Sales Order Line,
Purchase Order,Purchase Order Line, CRM lead, Bill of Materials, Bill of Materials lines, MRP Work center,
MRP Routing Work center.

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