CBMS ERP Multiple Branch Unit Operations for Manufacturing


Multiple Branch Management Multi Branch manufacturing app Multiple Unit Operating unit manufacturing branch mrp branch production multiple branch manufacturing single company with Multi Branches multi company branch mrp unit multi branch mrp multi branch
Multiple Unit operation management for single company, Mutiple Branch management for single company, multiple operation for single company.
Branch for POS, Branch for Sales, Branch for Purchase, Branch for all, Branch for Accounting, Branch for invoicing, Branch for Payment order, Branch for point of sales, Branch for voucher, Branch for All Accounting reports, Branch Accounting filter.Branch for warehouse, branch for sale stock, branch for location
Unit for POS, Unit for Sales, Unit for Purchase, Unit for all, Unit for Accounting, Unit for invoicing, Unit for Payment order, Unit for point of sales, Unit for voucher, Unit for All Accounting reports, Unit Accounting filter.branch unit for warehouse, branch unit for sale stock, branch unit for location
Unit Operation for POS, Unit Operation for Sales, Unit operation for Purchase, Unit operation for all, Unit operation for Accounting, Unit Operation for invoicing, Unit operation for Payment order, Unit operation for point of sales, Unit operation for voucher, Unit operation for All Accounting reports, Unit operation Accounting filter.
Branch Operation for POS, Branch Operation for Sales, Branch operation for Purchase, Branch operation for all, Branch operation for Accounting, Branch Operation for invoicing, Branch operation for Payment order, Branch operation for point of sales, Branch operation for voucher, Branch operation for All Accounting reports, Branch operation Accounting filter.

operating unit for company.
Multiple Branch Operation Setup for Human Resource
Unit Operation Setup for Human Resource

Multiple Branch Operation Setup for MRP
Unit Operation Setup for MRP
multiple branch for Manufacturing Order
multiple branch for MRP BOM
multiple branch for Production order
multiple branch for Manufacturing Application
multiple branch for MRP Application
multiple branch for BOM
multiple branch for Workorders
multiple branch for manufacturing workorders
multiple branch for MRP and production
multiple branch for MRP production
multiple branch for Manufacturing process
multiple branch for All Manufacturing
multiple branch for bill of material

Unit Operation for Manufacturing Order
Unit Operation for MRP BOM
Unit Operation for Production order
Unit Operation for Manufacturing Application
Unit Operation for MRP Application
Unit Operation for BOM
Unit Operation for Workorders
multiple Unit Operation for manufacturing workorders
multiple Unit Operation for MRP and production
multiple Unit Operation for MRP production
multiple Unit Operation for Manufacturing process
multiple Unit Operation for All Manufacturing
multiple Unit Operation for bill of material
branch mrp
mrp branch
mrp operating unit
mrp unit operation management
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operating unit mrp
branch manufacturing order
manufacturing branch
manufacturing operating unit
manufacturing unit operation management
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operating unit manufacturing
multi branch management
multi branch application
multi operation unit application multi branch CBMS ODOO multi branch
all in one multi branch application multi branch unit operation multi unit operation branch management
CBMS ODOO multi branches management application multi operation mangement

operating Unit for POS,operating Unit for Sales,operating Unit for Purchase,operating Unit for all,operating Unit for Accounting,operating Unit for invoicing,operating Unit for Payment order,operating Unit for point of sales,operating Unit for voucher,operating Unit for All Accounting reports,operating Unit Accounting filter. Operating unit for picking, operating unit for warehouse, operaing unit for sale stock, operating unit for location
operating-Unit Operation for POS,operating-Unit Operation for Sales,operating-Unit operation for Purchase,operating-Unit operation for all, operating-Unit operation for Accounting,operating-Unit Operation for invoicing,operating-Unit operation for Payment order,operating-Unit operation for point of sales,operating-Unit operation for voucher,operating-Unit operation for All Accounting reports,operating-Unit operation Accounting filter.

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Manufacturing Multiple Branch(Unit) Operation Setup CBMS ODOO Apps for Single company.

Do you want to manage multiple branch units of MRP for single company? here you go, this CBMS ODOO apps helps users to make different branch for single company and use that branch for Manufacturing application with multi-branch concept which works same as multi-company environment.This apps is depends on multiple branch apps which works for all generic application i.e Contact, Products, Sales,Purchase, Billing, Warehouse, Accounting , Point of Sale etc.


Set Branch on Bill of Material.

You can set Branch BOM, Pass Branch on Manufacturing Orders from BOM or Workorder from Manufacturing Orders

Branch on PDF Report.

You can see Branch on PDF report of Manufacturing Order.

Create Multiple Branch

You can create Multiple Branch goto Settings > Users > Branch.

Assigning Branch

You can assign a branch for which specific user is belongs.

Branch On Bill of Material

In BOM default branch will be set from login user’s branch also manager can set branch in Bill of Material.

Branch On Manufacturing Order

In manufacturing orders branch is set based on selected bom products.

Branch On Workorder

In Workorder branch is set based on manufacturing orders.

Branch Passed to the Finished Products

When you done workorder then selected branch will be set on finished products.

Manufacturing Order Report

You can aslo view branch on report of manufacturing order.

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