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Manage Students, Faculties and Education Institute This module provide core education management system.
Features includes managing
* Student
* Faculty
* Course
* Batch

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CBMS ERP School Management Software

Efficient management of students,
faculties, courses and batches with a collaborative platform

Easy & Powerful Education Management Software

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List of Modules with various features

Student Management

Educational Institutes core members are their students. Great students bring more value to the institute and that’s why it is always a good approach to manage students through the student management system.

Faculty Management

A great faculty can transform how the students learn and create an environment of innovation. Faculties get more exposure and improved control over different aspects of teaching the students.

Course Management

There are tons of subjects to really refine information and learning for a particular group, courses creation is an important part. Custom learning content always helps and that’s where the role of software comes.

Enrollment Management

With the sotware institutes can easily manage the enrollment process of the students. Making the enrollment process completely transparent, institutes can directly engage with students throughout the enrollment process.

Exam Management

Exams are focused on a much bigger picture. Students need to take exams once a semester to test their learning and get marks. The marks acts as a standard for performance and there can be a lot of competition within the students.

Financial Management

Educational Institutes requires constant funds to run successfully. From student admissions to faculty salary payment, there is hundreds of other important financial transaction that take place within an educational institute.

ClassRoom Management

With a complete Class management system for the educational institutes. The classroom management system comes with all the features that are required to successfully integrate class.

TimeTable Management

Time Table is an important part of any educational institute. The allocation of faculty to the classes, announcing an important event or coming up with a sharp change in time allocation for the faculty can be a day-to-day activity.

Assignment Management

Knowledge is volatile and requires constant effort on the part of the humans to grasp the internals more deeply and articulately. Assignments in school or college are made for the same sole purpose of checking students’ knowledge at regular intervals.

Library Management

The library is the home of immense knowledge. It is the house of cards that everyone should read — with each card in itself opening a new door to an unknown universe. Every educational institute needs a library management system.

Hostel Management

Colleges and other educational institutes are becoming more self-sufficient and the home for many students who travel to distant places to complete their academics. In the current era, education has become tougher to take as the good colleges or schools are far away from the student’s home town.

Placement Management

Education in the society is surrounded by the need for a job. Jobs fills the students’ dreams and enable them to lead a life with fulfillment and accomplishment. Colleges, on the other hand, plays an important role in the placement of the candidate ín reputed companies all across the nation and worldwide.

Based on best of class enterprise level
architecture, CBMS ERP School Management Software is ready to be used from local
infrastructure to a highly scalable cloud environment.

Student Information At Your Click

A complete student management system which
enables you to store all information related to students such as
address, blood group, achievements and much more.

Easier Faculty Management

Faculty management system with integrated HR
management system gives full control over information related to
faculty like educational degree, skills and payroll.

Subject Management

Subject management system to manage
details of subject like name, code and type such as theory, practical
or both.

Course Management

A Course management system provides detailed
information of course and subjects related to that course. You
can manage parent-child relationship between courses.

Batch Management

Batch management system to manage batches of
students from different courses.

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